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A natural relationship with quality, bespoke furniture in the UK. Combining style and comfort with an eco conscience in our range of non-toxic furniture.

Our inspiration has its roots in craftsmanship and a deep respect for natural, breathable materials in place of man-made synthetics. Each piece of furniture we create is made from scratch, built to last, and is traceable back to its original maker- be it an upholsterer, frame maker or seamstress. With over a decade of experience, our eco-friendly sofas, armchairs and footstools are lovingly handmade to order in the UK using traditional techniques and skills in our furniture, while being mindful of the environmental impact with our non-toxic materials.

About Us

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Daisy talked to Living etc about the importance of environmentally friendly living.


Learn more about what we’ve done differently to make our sofas as eco-friendly as can be, unlike most modern upholstered furniture.

Our materials

“All products are available in modern, classic, timeless designs hand crafted with an eco conscience. Each bespoke product is made to order, and the result is the highest of quality, with huge precision and attention to detail.”

– Cotswold living.

“Beautifully made sofas, armchairs and footstools out of natural and sustainable materials.”

– Cotswold Life.

We spoke more about Planted Furniture, as well as Cheltenham Upholstery, in an interview.

– MIMMO Studio.

If you want to learn more about what we do and get to know us, see our personal blog.