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A natural relationship with bespoke furniture. Combining style and comfort with an eco conscience in our range of non toxic furniture.

Each piece of bespoke furniture we create is made from scratch, built to last with eco friendly materials, and is traceable back to its original maker- be it an upholsterer, a frame maker or a seamstress. With over a decade of experience, our non toxic sofas, armchairs and footstools are lovingly handmade to order in the UK.

Daisy talked to Living etc about the importance of environmentally friendly living.


Betty Sofa

Our Betty sofa has a clean style, complimented with chic lines. This is finished with intricate piping detail on the seats, back and arms for a delicate finish.


Our sofas retain their sustainability with enduring beechwood timber, which is handmade into our frames. This is sourced from FSC certified forests, so it’s renewable, recyclable and carbon-efficient.

What’s more, we use coil sprung mesh top units, which are easily recyclable. Made of 100% steel, these will live a long life in a sofa, unlike modern upholstery which often uses elasticated webbing.

Fred Sofa

A contemporary sofa, rich in design for a classic staple in any living space. Those soft lines make for a beautiful, plush finish.


Despite the common use of polypropylene lining, which is derived from crude all, we use 100% natural and compostable hessian lining and jute webbing.

Toby Sofa

The Toby Sofa has an encompassing design with angled arms, and it sits low to the floor for an inviting feel– you won’t want to get back up! To finish, choose between a pinched seam or intricate piping.


As our wadding, we use naturally fire retardant, sustainable wool, as well as cotton. We use this as an alternative to polyester felt- a synthetic, non-renewable, petroleum based fibre.

Daisy Sofa

A bold design of sofa for a signature piece in the home. Despite its neat silhouette, the Daisy sofa will surprise you with its great depth and comfort!


Bespoke Furniture.

Furniture is personal, and we know from experience that one size doesn’t fit all. Although we offer standard sizing, we also offer a bespoke service. If you like the look of one of our styles, but want it to fit perfectly in your room, you can talk to us about achieving your ideal length, width or depth of sofa.

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“Beautifully made sofas, armchairs and footstools out of natural and sustainable materials.”

– Cotswold Life.

“Every material is meticulously researched, sourced consciously and crafted by hand.”

– Cotswold living.

If you want to learn more about what we do and get to know us, see our personal blog.