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We source our linen from suppliers who use techniques that are gentle on the hand. They make sure not to use irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides. Every care is taken to ensure that flax plants are grown and processed in an eco-friendly way, so the finished linen product is a 100% natural, biodegradable and recyclable fabric. What’s more, linen is moisture resistant, breathable and highly absorbent. This makes for a strong and durable fabric for your sofa.

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Dark Grey





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Cotton Velvet

Velvet is a name that describes the physical structure of a fabric, which can be made from a number of fibres. Our choice is a 100% natural, biodegradable and socially responsible alternative, unlike velvet which often contains non recycled polyester. What’s more, our choice of fabric carries the Oeko-Tex certification, so while you’re caring for the environment, you equally have a lustrous and elegant appearance to your sofa. The best of both worlds!

Available colours


Cotton Velvet - Clover - Fixed-V2(1)






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Recycled Cotton

This fabric uses 80% recycled cotton yarns, originating from the fashion industry. The remaining 20% is recycled polyester, which we use to extend the sofas use from every day wear and tear. All in all, this fabric is a sustainable, natural fabric choice when it comes to caring for our environment. One of the reasons being that it saves on CO2 emissions and fossil fuels. In addition, all yarns used have been inspected and assessed in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0.

Available colours

Briar Rose


French Grey




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