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Daisy Sofa (2 Seater)


A bold design for a signature piece in the home. Those beautiful curves on either side make for a perfectly comfortable armrest! Despite its neat silhouette, you’ll be surprised by its great depth and comfort. Have a look at our fabrics to find a perfect match for your personality and style, along with our wood stain leg finishes to compliment your living space in just the way you’d like.

As always, our products are handmade in our workshop using entirely eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Free from harsh chemicals and FR treatment.

Armchair and 3 seater options are coming soon. Please get in touch of you would like more info.


All of our styles are available in different sizes. Drawings for standard sizing below, or get in touch for bespoke sizing.


  • Height: 83cm
  • Width: 165cm
  • Depth: 95cm